Distance Reiki for Business

You want your job to be secure and your business to be safe, for that Reiki Energy helps a lot. Distance Reiki energy works best in Distance Reiki energy for Conferences Distance Reiki energy while making a deal Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki for Anxiety

Now a days, anxiety kills people. WHY? The people are anxious about almost everything in their Day to day life. Some are anxious about their jobs or relationships or about their expectations in their life. These all things sum up

Distance Reiki Healing

Reiki is a therapy used for distance healing. Distance Reiki Healing uses no bitter medicines, scaring injections or stressful sessions. It is a Japanese healing therapy which is done by concentration and meditation. The Reiki Masters usually practice this technique

Distance Reiki for Spiritual Healing

Distance Reiki for Spiritual Healing

When Distance Reiki is done on a body through distance reiki healing, our body tends to Feel ecstasy within and we tend to feel relieved. We feel that there is no difference between God and our soul. It gets relieved

Distance Reiki for Stress Relief

Distance Reiki for Stress Relief

We are so busy in our everyday life that we have got no time for ourselves and even we don’t realize that we are in stress. Because of this it gets stored up in our body and it affects our

Distance Reiki for Relationship

Distance Reiki for Relationship

Relationship is very important for a person’s life. To keep it healthy saves oneself from unnecessary emotional troubles and stress in life. In other words there is very less stress in the life. Distance Reiki helps to maintain that healthy,

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Testimonials from Clients

After the first session of Distance Reiki, I felt good, light and energetic. The effect remained for about a week and then I had two more sessions of Distance Reiki Healing. I am looking forward to more such sessions.

Paul Wright, NY

Thank you again for an amazing, powerful, wonderful weekend! I am so grateful for learning, experiencing and exploring Reiki. I look forward to deeper knowing of this energy/tool as I grow.

E. M., Milwaukee, WI